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Qode Logix, an integrated automotive dealership management system, wanted to design an intuitive and user-friendly UI for its platform that would help dealerships increase sales, reduce costs, revolutionize service retention, enhance productivity, reduce overhead and generate revenue. The main challenge was to create a UI that would simplify complex dealership management tasks and be easily accessible to all dealership staff, including salespersons, managers, and service personnel.


To address these challenges, we adopted a user-centered design approach, which involved conducting user research, defining user personas, and designing the UI based on user needs and feedback.

User Research:

The first step was to conduct user research to gain insights into the needs and pain points of dealership staff. We conducted user interviews, surveys, and observation sessions with various dealership personnel, including salespersons, managers, and service personnel. We also analyzed the user data and identified common themes and patterns.

UI Design:

The UI design was based on the needs and goals of the user personas. We designed the platform to be visually appealing, with a modern and clean interface that would be easy to navigate. We used a color scheme that was consistent with the Qode Logix brand and made sure that the design was optimized for mobile devices, as many dealership staff members would be using the platform on their smartphones or tablets.

We also incorporated features that would simplify complex dealership management tasks, such as a customizable dashboard that could be tailored to each user's needs and preferences. We included a search function that would enable users to find information quickly and easily. We also designed the platform to be flexible and scalable, so that it could accommodate the needs of different types of dealerships, from small independent dealerships to large dealership groups.

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The new UI design for the Qode Logix platform was well received by dealership staff, who found it intuitive, easy to use, and visually appealing. The new design resulted in an increase in productivity and a reduction in errors, as staff were able to complete tasks more quickly and with greater accuracy. The new design also helped increase sales and revenue, as salespersons were able to access customer data more easily and track leads more effectively.

Overall, the user-centered design approach was effective in creating a UI that met the needs of dealership staff and helped Qode Logix achieve its goal of increasing sales, reducing costs, revolutionizing service retention, enhancing productivity, reducing overhead, and generating revenue.

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